Fortnite daily updates

When is the new Fortnite v7.20 Update? And what’s in it?

– Update 7.20 hits tomorrow, Tuesday Jan. 14th – Game should be live around 5.30pm E.T. or 10.30am GMT – Scoped revolver set to be released – Driftboard release? Possibly, but probably not.    The big v7.20 Fortnite update hits

Fortnite daily updates

Wall bug to be fixed in v7.20 update

— Wall bug to be fixed in v7.10 update — Walls will no longer be built partly below the ground/water, but will start from surface level So, you’ve just spotted an enemy, you try to build a wall, but it

14 days of Fortnite extended!

After Epic Games ended the ’14 days of Fortnite’ event abruptly, they have now confirmed that they will be extending it through to the 15th of January. Good news for anyone who needs a little more time!

Fortnite daily updates

v7.10 is back on, but bugs remain…

It’s been a confusing week for Fortnite fans, but things looked to be back on track when the developers announced through their official Twitter account that the update would be going ahead.  Success! The v7.10 update is once again set

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Update V7.10: Driftboard release delayed…

Epic Games have confirmed that the long anticipated snowboard coming in the V7.10 update will now be postponed. They didn’t elaborate further on this, except to say that certain issues mean’t they had to delay the release of the Driftboard…