v7.10 delay

The V7.10 Update Delay is a Good Thing for Gamers

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The season 7 Christmas update has been postponed (we are currently waiting to see for how long), but rather than show frustration we think we should show appreciation to Epic Games for this move. This is great for gamers! Why? Well, let me explain.

Rushing through games to release is an all too well known phenomenon — I won’t name any names. PUBG. Pushing out updates without thinking through the meta-changes is also pretty common. Why do developers do it? Well. Money…. Get it out fast, get the hype and the purchases and deal with the bugs and complaints later. We’ve also seen the craziness of a poorly thought out weapon addition lately with the Infinity Blade…. WHY!?!!

But the delay for the season 7.10 update is a distinct change of tact for a developer. They’ve come out, held up their hands, and said, “Sorry, its not ready yet.” And for a developer to do that is a real-life meta-change. Rather than giving us a broken game for a week until they fix it and raking in the cash, they’re waiting until it’s ready.

This may also be part of the fallout from the Infinity Blade debacle, with the PR team, perhaps, suggesting that two huge balance blunders in a week might be too much — but if it is, good. Games that don’t respect their player base die, even if they are good. Think, for example, about the CS:GO community asking for 128-servers and a proper anti-cheat since release. Obviously nobody listened, and so now one of the purest FPS’s of all time is kept alive only by the professional scene. Stupid valve….

So, in summary, this delay is disappointing, but on balance it seems like a really good move for those who love the game and, most importantly, for the gaming community as a whole. Let’s hope we see more of the same!


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