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Wall bug to be fixed in v7.20 update

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— Wall bug to be fixed in v7.10 update

— Walls will no longer be built partly below the ground/water, but will start from surface level

So, you’ve just spotted an enemy, you try to build a wall, but it only comes up to your knees. Oops. You are dead. What happened there?

Well, on certain surfaces (e.g. water) the foundation starts below the visible surface and so the wall comes out at only half-height or less. You would then have to build another wall on top to get normal wall-heigh and normal protection. The v7.20 update promises to change all this.

What should now happen, according to Epic Games, is that where a first wall will not reach normal height, a second wall will automatically be placed on top (with the lower particle wall being produced at no cost – for free!).

All I have to say about this is THANK YOU! Great work! 

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