How to fix missing HUD on Fortnite mobile?

fortnite bugs

Some mobile players have been having HUD issues, with the HUD glitching or disappearing and there seemingly being no way to get it back. A few seem to have found their own fix by logging out, playing a few games or just playing for a certain amount of time (nobody knows which — we’re guessing)

New Skull Trooper ‘ghost portal’ back bling challenges

New ghost portal back bling for Skull Trooper All the challenges and how to unlock These are some serious challenges! (We very much approve!) Update: Challenge Nerfed for weekend…. Right. It’s here and its pretty awesome. The Ghost Trooper has acquired some new back bling and its gonna be more of a challenge for some to

Shadow stones disabled

Shadow stones disabled again Players gaining permanent invisibility How long will it take to fix? Update: Shadow Stones are active once again with the problems apparently fixed. It won’t have escaped anyone that shadow stones are disabled once again, with a big message on opening the game: “Due to an issue with shadow stones, we’ve

Twitter saves Fortnite players from knowledge that breasts are subject to forces of gravity

By this point it can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that the new Calamity skin displays displayed limbs, a head, torso and secondary sex characteristics — also known as breasts — that were subject to gravitational forces similar to that on earth, as originally described by Sir Isaac Newton and used to prove Kepler’s laws of

Summer Skirmish server issues spoil Epic Games perfect run

Server issues spoil summer skirmish Players dying to latency Described as “trainwreck” Will Epic Games go the way of other greedy developers or show them how it’s done? It seemed that Epic Games could do no wrong, producing an insanely popular game, keeping players happy, and making a bucket load of cash to go with