New Skull Trooper ‘ghost portal’ back bling challenges

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  • New ghost portal back bling for Skull Trooper
  • All the challenges and how to unlock
  • These are some serious challenges!
  • (We very much approve!)
  • Update: Challenge Nerfed for weekend….

Right. It’s here and its pretty awesome. The Ghost Trooper has acquired some new back bling and its gonna be more of a challenge for some to get their hands on this ‘ghost portal’. This is a great looking item for a great looking skin and the fact that its a little more difficult to get is only going to add to the allure. So, let’s get on with it – how do we get our hands on it?

Ghost Portal Challenges

As we noted, these are a little bit more challenging as far as the challenges go. The first three are pretty standard, but even less able players will be able to grind these out. Seven daily challenges isn’t an issue, and getting one kill a game isn’t too bad either. As for 50 matches, well… you could just die straight away 50 times so that’s not an issue.

ghost portal back bling challenges

  1. Complete 7 daily challenges
  2. Play 50 matches
  3. Play 14 matches with at least one elimination
  4. Search 10 chests in a single match
  5. Deal 1000 damage in a single match (Nice!)

These last two are obviously a little more difficult. The best players are obviously going to find this pretty easy, although with everyone running around looking for chests over the next week it might add a little more difficulty to the challenge. But killing 10 full health opponents is going to be more problematic for a lot of players (I’m assuming people will be asking their friends to help them out – remember don’t share your password with anyone you meet on the internet!)

This isn’t to say we disagree with the difficulty level here. Easy games get boring and easy-to-get skins and items available to everyone or only through purchase become even less desirable and boring. We like! Now go get ’em!

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