fortnite bugs

How to fix missing HUD on Fortnite mobile?

Some mobile players have been having HUD issues, with the HUD glitching or disappearing and there seemingly being no way to get it back. A few seem to have found their own fix by logging out, playing a few games

Infinity Blade Chaos

Fornite trolls pro players with Infinity Blade “God Mode”

You’ve practised hard, you know the game, the meta is in your DNA. It’s tournament time! Except that just before the tournament starts Epic Games decides to troll you by introducing God-mode, aka the “Infinity Blade” with 200 health, 200

Fortnite daily updates

When does Fortnite season 7 start?

With season 6 coming to an end on 5th December, season 7 is set to begin immediately after on the 6th December. Not specific enough for you? Oh, you want the exact time? Well, we’re guessing about 6am ET, or