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Zenith and Lynx season 7 progressive skins: tiers and xp

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Fortnite season 7 brings with it two new progressive skins: Zenith and Lynx. Each now have seven stages to progress through (info below) and it’s clear the Fortnite development team have seriously increased the detail and quality of the skins this season.

Zenith is a mountain climber fella, while Lynx is a pink-haired, tattooed cat lady.


  • lynx fortnite skin
  • zenith fortnite skin

These characters go through a series of gradual changes before reaching their epic final forms in which Zenith has extra insulation, claw gloves and a welders mask. 



Zenith progressive skin HD

To reach this final of SEVEN stages there are XP and weekly challenge requirements: 

Stage 1: Battlepass tier 1

Stage 2: 20,000 xp

Stage 3: 100,000 xp

Stage 4: 350,000 xp

Stage 5: 10 weekly challenges

Stage 6: 25 weekly challenges

Stage 7: 45 weekly challenges


Full HD images of each stage are available here: Zenith.



Lynx, on the other hand, has ditched the rebellious teenage get-up, opting for a more sensible all-black kevlar cat attire. 


  • lynx fortnite skin black

Stage 1: Tier 1

Stage 2: 30,000 xp

Stage 3: 125,000 xp

Stage 4: 325,000 xp

Stage 5: 15 weekly challenges

Stage 6: 35 weekly challenges

Stage 7: 55 weekly challenges

 HD images of every stage are available here: Lynx.

These are some pretty decent skins, but is Epic Games courting controversy here again? The implication of Zenith is that a fella who climbs mountains becomes pure energy and light, while a lady who has pink hair, tattoos and strange clothes becomes a cat – not a ‘cat lady’, but an actual cat….


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