Every Fortnite Christmas Skin – did you get them all?

fortnite Christmas skins

With the Christmas season at a close it’s time to wave goodbye to the season 7 Christmas releases and say hello to the Winter skins. We’ve paired them all up for your viewing pleasure. Which ones did you get and which ones did you miss? Links to each full set below… Sgt. Winter and Krampus

Christmas Skins arrive in Fortnite: Slushy soldier, Icicle pickaxe and back-bling

Slushy Soldier Christmas skin

Christmas is here, almost, and the item shop is sporting some of the first Christmas skins. Currently available is ‘Slushy Soldier’ and his ‘Icicle’ pickaxe (literally a pickaxe!) — though it’s unclear how practical an ice pickaxe will be.   Another great outfit from Fortnite, again showing the massive quality increase in skin design and

Fortnite introduce Wraps for Weapons and Vehicles

fortnite wraps

Fortnite have now introduced the much sought after wraps to guns and vehicles in season 7, meaning we are now able customise weapons and vehicles.  As you progress along the battle pass tiers you will unlock new wraps which you can then equip, allowing you to colour-coordinate — if that’s your thing! (Not judging.) But

New Skull Trooper ‘ghost portal’ back bling challenges

New ghost portal back bling for Skull Trooper All the challenges and how to unlock These are some serious challenges! (We very much approve!) Update: Challenge Nerfed for weekend…. Right. It’s here and its pretty awesome. The Ghost Trooper has acquired some new back bling and its gonna be more of a challenge for some to