When is the new Fortnite v7.20 Update? And what’s in it?

Fortnite daily updates

– Update 7.20 hits tomorrow, Tuesday Jan. 14th – Game should be live around 5.30pm E.T. or 10.30am GMT – Scoped revolver set to be released – Driftboard release? Possibly, but probably not.    The big v7.20 Fortnite update hits tomorrow, mid-morning for Europe and late-afternoon/early evening for the Americas and were expecting good things! 

v7.10 is back on, but bugs remain…

Fortnite daily updates

It’s been a confusing week for Fortnite fans, but things looked to be back on track when the developers announced through their official Twitter account that the update would be going ahead.  Success! The v7.10 update is once again set to release today, December 18. However, there are still issues, with Save the world being

With the infinity blade gone, are planes next for balance nerf?

fortnite plane

With Fortnite listening to the community and removing the crazy ‘Infinity Blade’, some are now turning their sights on a nerf for planes. Opinion is mixed, but there seems to be consistent negativity towards the unrealistic ramming. Check out the crazy combo of plane and ‘Infinity Blade’ here: Yeh… What were Epic Games thinking? Crazy.

Fornite trolls pro players with Infinity Blade “God Mode”

Infinity Blade Chaos

You’ve practised hard, you know the game, the meta is in your DNA. It’s tournament time! Except that just before the tournament starts Epic Games decides to troll you by introducing God-mode, aka the “Infinity Blade” with 200 health, 200 shield, regenerating health, the ability to basically fly short distances and destroy any building in

Will Kurt Russell sue Fortnite for use of his image as Sgt. Winter?

Sgt. winter Plissken

With numerous reputable publications now stating that Sgt. Winter is in fact Snake Plissken, or Santa Plissken the question now turns to whether Kurt Russell will be taking any kind of legal action against Epic Games for the use of his image. We believe the evidence to be damning. Judge for yourselves….     UPDATE: