All-new Fortnite Season 8 Outfits

Fortnite season 8 outfits

Fortnite season 8 is here, and with it a bunch of new outfits and items to work your way towards. There seems to be a kind of pirate-ninja theme going on here with their tier-1 pirate Blackheart and the introduction of cannons. Tier-1 Progressive Skins Blackherart and Hybrid Tier 19/52 New pets – Woodsy and

v7.20 Fortnite Update: full guide

v7.20 fortnite

– No driftboard – Scoped Revolver (42/44 dmg)”  – Glider redeploys (as item with 10 charges) – New “one shot” LTM – Wall bug fixed The v7.20 update is here and there aren’t really any surprises, with the glider redeploy and the scoped revolver advertised in advance (we already told you not to expect any

The V7.10 Update Delay is a Good Thing for Gamers

v7.10 delay

The season 7 Christmas update has been postponed (we are currently waiting to see for how long), but rather than show frustration we think we should show appreciation to Epic Games for this move. This is great for gamers! Why? Well, let me explain. Rushing through games to release is an all too well known

Infinity Blade Vaulted – Epic Games apologises to players

infinity blade vaulted

• Infinity Blade Vaulted • Epic Games apologises to players • But how did a weapon this unbalanced enter the game at all?    Epic Games have vaulted the “Infinity Blade” with immediate effect, apologising to the players for making such an obvious and idiotic mistake. We are unlikely to every see it again, thank

What’s in the season 7 Battle Pass?

fortnite season 7

— 2 new progressive outfits Zenith and The Ice King — Sgt. Winter skin with Battle Bundle         — Santa Pliskin – escaping from LApland — New Wraps to customise vehicles and weapons! — Over 100 cosmetics to unlock — Access to your own creative island — Cost 750 v-bucks; battle bundle 2800 v-bucks  Fortnite season 7 is

Fortnite V6.10 Patch: how do tournaments work?

Fortnite V6.10 Patch

Update V6.10 is here and its a big one New Quadcrasher vehicle with boost In-game tournaments arrive! Port-a-fortress disabled Guided missile now fires in right-direction…. (Orly?) The big V6.10 Patch is here and its a big one, so let’s get into it quick. The more minor changes involve the removal of Port-a-Fortress and the guided

New Fortnite Vehicle ‘Quadcrasher’: meta change anyone?

fornite new quadcrasher vehicle

New Quadcrasher vehicle arrives in Fortnite with the V6.10 update Throw your enemies into the sky…. Smash structures with the snowplow Featuring Nitro boost Are Quadcrasher races coming? Easily the most exciting element of Fortnite’s 6.10 update is the new Quadcrasher vehicle, featuring a plow, nitro boost, and the capacity to launch into and through

V6.02 Patch: Quad launcher and Disco Domination

patch v6.02

What’s New in the V6.02 Patch? Minor bug fixes like Bonesy barking too much Quad rocket launcher released — but for how long? Disco Domination Mode The season 6.02 patch is here and besides a few bug fixes — like Bonesy barking too much — the main changes are the introduction of the ‘Quad Rocket

Quad launcher rocket set for release

quad rocket launcher

Quad-launcher is almost here Set for release with the V6.1 update Well, well, well. It seems it’s finally here – or about to be. The ‘quad-launcher’ is set for release and will sport an Epic-tier rarity. Promising to fire four rockets in quick succession, blanketing an entire area this could be quite the addition to

Update V6.01 – Freeze Traps and more!

Update V6.01 is here Introducing the Freeze Trap Ability to customise playground environment Update V6.01 is a very small update but brings a couple of interesting changes. The first and perhaps the least exciting one is the ability to customise the playground environment. While not the most exciting this is is still an extremely useful update,