All-new Fortnite Season 8 Outfits

Fortnite season 8 outfits

Fortnite season 8 is here, and with it a bunch of new outfits and items to work your way towards. There seems to be a kind of pirate-ninja theme going on here with their tier-1 pirate Blackheart and the introduction of cannons. Tier-1 Progressive Skins Blackherart and Hybrid Tier 19/52 New pets – Woodsy and

New Gingerbread Set! Merry Marauder and Ginger gunner

Merry Marauder Fortnite outfit

Fortnite has gone crazy for baking with ginger as the new gingerbread set hits the shop shelves. This is a full set coming with back bling, glider and pickaxe as well as your customary male and female ginger outfits.   For those who are overenthusiastic with the cooking, or just like that burnt smell there’s

Every Fortnite Christmas skin so far! (16th Dec)

Fortnite Christmas skins

Hello there people. We though we’d get together all the Christmas skins released so far for your viewing pleasure. We’re looking at four outfits so far, two pickaxes (one that’s literally a pickaxe), and a glider. My God, they are lovely and Christmassy. Sgt. Winter We’re looking first at the main Battle Pass Christmas Character.

Escape from L.A.pland: Santa is coming in season 7 trailer

fortnite season 7 trailer

Fortnite’s new season 7 trailer is here, and it’s actually pretty funny. Watch it! Now! Obviously a Christmas theme here, and I really love the clever juxtaposing of Santa and killing everyone… only joking: if someone regularly uses the word juxtaposing they probably studied English lit and have nothing interesting to add to the world. 

‘Ghost Portal’ Challenges Nerfed: is Epic scared of COD:BR?

‘Ghost Portal’ back bling challenge nerfed Players now required only to play 20 games this weekend… Is Epic scared of Call of Duty Battle Royale? Have they just killed the Skull Trooper skin? Hmm. Well…. We were very complementary of Epic Games a couple of days back for striking a healthy balance between newer players

Fortnite introduces ‘Support a creator’ program

Another big news day for Fortnite with Epic Games introducing its ‘Support a creator’ program. But what is it? Why is it being introduced? And how does it work?     What is it? Put simply, the ‘Support a creator’ program is an attempt to reward those in the Fortnite community who create content of

Twitter saves Fortnite players from knowledge that breasts are subject to forces of gravity

By this point it can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that the new Calamity skin displays displayed limbs, a head, torso and secondary sex characteristics — also known as breasts — that were subject to gravitational forces similar to that on earth, as originally described by Sir Isaac Newton and used to prove Kepler’s laws of