Shadow stones disabled

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  • Shadow stones disabled again
  • Players gaining permanent invisibility
  • How long will it take to fix?

Update: Shadow Stones are active once again with the problems apparently fixed.

It won’t have escaped anyone that shadow stones are disabled once again, with a big message on opening the game: “Due to an issue with shadow stones, we’ve temporary disabled the item while we investigate.” So, what’s going on?

First up, if you aren’t familiar with shadow stones and what they are and do: “Shadow Stones” appear near corrupted areas of the map and allow you to transform into shadow form, making you temporarily invisible, or at least thats the idea. To stop this from being totally OP the player is unable to use weapons while in this state. But under certain circumstances players go totally invisible for the whole game while being able to use weapons and staying totally silent. Oops…

From what we’ve seen this tends to happen if downed just after using a shadow stone. If revived by a teammate the player then stays invisible, even when moving, building and shooting. Obviously, Epic Games then removed the stones.

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