v7.20 fortnite

v7.20 Fortnite Update: full guide

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– No driftboard
– Scoped Revolver (42/44 dmg)” 
– Glider redeploys (as item with 10 charges)
– New “one shot” LTM
– Wall bug fixed

The v7.20 update is here and there aren’t really any surprises, with the glider redeploy and the scoped revolver advertised in advance (we already told you not to expect any snowboarding in this update). So let’s get to the details….

Scoped Revolver

The scoped revolver came as something of a surprise but it’s a nice addition that adds a long-range option in an unusually small package. But we will have to wait to see how players make use of it before passing judgment. It comes in Epic and legendary variants, fires medium ammo, with 42/44 damage, and is found as ‘floor loot, chests, supply drops and vending machines.

fortnite scoped revolver“One Shot” LTM

Next up we have the new snipers paradise “One Shot” limited time mode. With low gravity and only snipers available the aim of the game in to jump high and never miss. This should be popular – a lot of fun that still rewards skill!

– 50hp spawn

– Low Gravity

– Storm wait time reduced

– Only hunting rifles and sniper rifles available

– No semi-auto snipers or bounce pads

– Only bandages available for healing

Glider redeploys are back!

Not much to decode here, glider redeploys are back, but as an item that grants the redeploy. They now take up an item slot and can be found from the normal loot sources. Note: there’s no need to activate these, simply press JUMP while in mid-air. Gliders come with only 10 charges, and once the charges are used up the item will disappear.

– Gliders now an item with 10 charges

– Charge not used on Launch pad, rifts-a-go or respawning

glider redeploys

Wall bug fixed

As we reported a couple of days ago, Epic have finally fixed that crazy frustrating wall-bug that meant walls were sometimes created partly underground. Well, no more! If the first wall created is not of standard height the game has now been coded to add on a normal wall up to standard height without resource cost. Thank you! It’s fixes like this that really make the game better, even if they aren’t as eye-catching as some of the bigger headline-grabbing introductions.

When will the driftboard be here?

Speaking of which, where is the driftboard and when will it be here? Well, the problems were significant enough to potentially cause a complete delay to the 7.10 update so we know they were significant and that mean’s a long delay. However, consider the fact that Epic have a very ambitious update schedule and that the people working on the driftboard fix would have to be taken away from other projects, potentially delaying other updates. With this in mind, and depending on the nature of the bugs in questions it’s perfectly possible we won’t see the driftboard until season 8. 

Considering this, though, we think its just as likely that it will be shelved until next Christmas where it will make a bigger impact!

For more details on the v7.20 update and all the little changes, check out the official release notes: v7.20 release notes.  

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