Krampus Outfit

Krampus fortnite

New Krampus set realised in the item shop today, featuring the Krampus outfit for 2000 vBucks, Brat bag back bling, the Brat Catcher pickaxe and Krampus’ Little helper as his ride. We’ve got to say that this is a pretty disturbing set, with what seem to be tiny children packed into his cauldron back bling.

New Ranged Recon Set: Longshot and Insight

Longshot Fortnite Outfit Ranged Recon

This weekend sees the release of another new season 7 set, ‘Ranged Recon’ featuring a male and female pair of snipers, ‘Longshot’ and ‘Insight’.   Each has their own back bling, identical but for colours to match the outfits,  with sights and large calibre bullets under the captions ‘Target in sight’ and ‘Geared for long

Zenith and Lynx season 7 progressive skins: tiers and xp

lynx fortnite outfit

Fortnite season 7 brings with it two new progressive skins: Zenith and Lynx. Each now have seven stages to progress through (info below) and it’s clear the Fortnite development team have seriously increased the detail and quality of the skins this season. Zenith is a mountain climber fella, while Lynx is a pink-haired, tattooed cat

Skull Trooper is back, but there’s a purple skin for OG’s

skull trooper purple

The Skull Trooper is back and now features colour options blue, green and purple. Watch out though, because purple is only available to those who bought the original skin all the way back in 2017. How come? Well, Epic Games are tiring to strike a balance between keeping newer players happy who have been craving

New Season 6 progressive skin: Dire – Tier 100

Awesome new progressive skin: “Dire” Werewolf skin from 120,000XP More images Season 6 brings with it many changes, including two new progressive skins, Calamity and Dire. Coming in at tier 100 we have the Dire skin, part of the Full moon set, and it comes with five unlockable styles. Dire is pretty cool: starting off

All the Season 6 Battle Pass Skins

All the new season 6 skins, featuring: Dire Calamity DJ-Yonder Giddy-up Fable Dusk Nightshade With a new season comes new skins, and the season 6 Battle Pass does not disappoint. With Halloween just around the corner the developers have gone with a ‘spooky’ theme, but there’s something for everybody, from the funky, the funny, the