Reports of Fortnite causing divorces – but is this clickbait nonsense?

New reports suggest Fortnite causing divorces Claim 5% of 2018 UK divorces caused by Fortnite This figure actually refers to all online addictions, including pornography A slew of articles have recently appeared in the mainstream media that cite Fortnite as a new leading cause of divorce, with 5% of divorces in the UK being linked

Fall skirmish to boast $10 million prize pool!

Epic Games have announced that Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish will have an enormous $10 million prize pool. It’s a six-week series beginning on the 22nd of September and finishing up at Twitchcon in California on October 26th. The Fortnite Fall Skirmish is a 6-week competition series featuring competitive and recreational events where we’ll be awarding $10,000,000

Warning! Fake Fortnite android apps spying on players

—Analysis finds over half of unofficial Fortnite apps have a malware or security issue — 40% were adware scams — 20% could spy on users — Main concern is excessive permissions with access to camera, contacts and microphone A survey by Top10vpn has found that a large proportion of unofficial Fortnite apps contain malware, adware

Ninja is smart – refuses to stream with women

Ninja will not play with female gamers …to avoid rumours and online harassment of his wife Predictable backlash ensues Ninja has revealed that he doesn’t play with female gamers, causing a limited but predictable backlash from certain elements of the media and online community.  Speaking to Polygon, Ninja said, “I don’t play with female gamers.”