Fortnite introduces ‘Support a creator’ program

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  • Another big news day for Fortnite with Epic Games introducing its ‘Support a creator’ program.
  • But what is it?
  • Why is it being introduced?
  • And how does it work?


What is it?

Put simply, the ‘Support a creator’ program is an attempt to reward those in the Fortnite community who create content of some kind — videos, guides, articles, streamers — and seems to be an attempt to mimic creator support in Twitch. Creators get rewards when their supporters spend V-bucks and the figure seems to be $5 for every 10,000 V-bucks spent.

Why is it being introduced?

Right from the very beginning Fortnite has been a community driven game, whether through streamers like Ninja, Shroud, the good Dr, or the communities and contributors like Reddit and other sites. This is a very clever move from Epic Games that seeks to reward the community that has made it so successful, and will even help out the smaller streamers and contributors.

How does it work?

  •  A ‘creator’ needs to have at least 1000 follows on a given social media platform to qualify.
  • Creators need to sign up to Epic Games’ Affiliate program and the ‘Creator Code of Conduct’.
  • Sign up here

This is a very intelligent and long-term play from Epic Games, seeking to grow the community and reward its most active members. We’ve seen the focus from other developers shift from user experience to milking their players for cash and Epic Games seems to have learnt from the mistakes of others. If Epic continue along this route and keep pushing out programs like this then we can see Fortnite having a very long shelf-life and growing even more. Keep it up Epic Games!

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