Ninja on front cover of ESPN?! (Or is ESPN on front cover of Ninja?)

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  • Shock as Ninja first gamer on cover of ESPN
  • Ninja has X4 more followers than ESPN….

If you don’t know who Ninja is you have probably come to this site by mistake. If you aren’t here by mistake but still don’t know who Ninja is, check out the links below:

Ninja on Twitch
Ninja on youtube

For the rest of you, Ninja is going to appear on the front cover of ESPN’s magazine under the title “The legend of Ninja, Biggest Gamer in the World”.

Obviously some people may question this title – how do we define “gamer” or “biggest”? – but by many reasonable metrics Ninja is obviously the biggest and has a large enough pull for ESPN to think they can use him to get into the gaming scene.

With 11 millions followers on Twitch and over 18 million subscribers on youtube Ninja is undoubtedly a significant force, but the way this story is presented in the old-media would make you think Ninja has suddenly really, finally made it big because he is on ESPN’s front cover. The reality is that Ninja has 18 million subscribers on youtube alone compared to ESPN’s 3.9 million.

Let that settle in. Ninja is four times bigger that ESPN.

Given that Ninja is 4 times bigger and that nobody reads magazines anymore, is it really right to frame this story as “A gamer finally gets on a mainstream old-media”? Probably not.

Put another way: is Ninja on the front cover of ESPN, or is ESPN on the front cover of Ninja?

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