fortnite Christmas skins

Every Fortnite Christmas Skin – did you get them all?

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With the Christmas season at a close it’s time to wave goodbye to the season 7 Christmas releases and say hello to the Winter skins. We’ve paired them all up for your viewing pleasure. Which ones did you get and which ones did you miss? Links to each full set below…

Sgt. Winter and Krampus

Starting the pairing-off its only natural to begin with Sgt. Winter and Krampus — the two sides of the Christmas present-giving narrative, and with the good Sgt. riding a sleigh and sporting a beard its clear he’s here to spread some Christmas cheer. Krampus on the other hand, is here to punish the naughty kids over the Christmas period. 

Crackshot and Crackabella

Two more classic outfits here with the male/female due of the Nutcracker set. We love the crack-theme!

Merry Marauder and Ginger Gunner

Here’s one for the ladies! A baking themed set! Just kidding — boys and men love baking too, and I defy anyone to tell me otherwise. And besides, they get progressively more burnt as the tiers unlock which sure implies a male influence, right?

Red Nosed Ranger and Red Nosed Raider

Up next is another male/female due, sporting antlers (or antler hats). I’m pretty sure they aren’t hybrid deer/humans because I see another extra set of human ears — unless they were spliced?

Slushy Soldier and Tinseltoes

These two go together because… well, they don’t really go with anyone else. Nobody needs telling that Slushy Soldier is a huge fan favourite this Christmas — possibly the favourite? Tinseltoes is an elf — probably.

Grimbles and Glimmer

Another obvious matched pair. Both begin with “G” and are clearly husband and wife: clear from the matching shoes and the look of resigned misery present in each of their eyes. 

Yuletide Ranger and Nog Ops

Next we have the strapping Yuletide fella, and the sexy Nog Ops. Why is Nog Ops so attractive? We aren’t sure. But another very popular set this Christmas!


Last but not least we have Sugarplum. Some say she’s ugly, and some say she’s hot! I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

That’s it. All of them (I think). If there are any missing is because I figured it was a winter skin and not a Christmas skin. If you want to see more check out the full sets below. Also, Happy New Year!


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Every Fortnite Christmas Skin – did you get them all?

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