Audio updates and disappearing footsteps – season 6

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  • Epic Games acknowledge audio issues
  • Commits to internal testing and development
  • Pushes out some updates with Season 6
  • Working on situations where sounds totally disappear

Headsets have become a central part of gaming for a reason: a good set of ears can be the difference between life and death. And in what can only be seen as a positive move from Epic Gaming, the developers seem to be making a serious commitment to ironing out issues and improving acoustic cues generally. 

You can find the full announcement on the Epic Games website here, but below is a rough summary. 

  • Greater contrast between steps from above and steps from below
  • Higher frequency audio to make these footsteps clearer in the heat of battle
  • Greater nuance of glider sounds to help determine location
  • Open/close sound of gliders audible from a greater distance

Perhaps more importantly, Epic are committing to resolve cases where sounds cues do not play at all, which is obviously insanely annoying and something that needs to be resolved if Fortnite wants to be taken seriously as a competitive game. The recent Faceit Counterstrike Major was marred by reports that footsteps were disappearing under certain conditions and was one of the big criticisms of the tournament. This is something Epic can and needs to get ahead of!

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