The V7.10 Update Delay is a Good Thing for Gamers

v7.10 delay

The season 7 Christmas update has been postponed (we are currently waiting to see for how long), but rather than show frustration we think we should show appreciation to Epic Games for this move. This is great for gamers! Why? Well, let me explain. Rushing through games to release is an all too well known

Every Fortnite Christmas skin so far! (16th Dec)

Fortnite Christmas skins

Hello there people. We though we’d get together all the Christmas skins released so far for your viewing pleasure. We’re looking at four outfits so far, two pickaxes (one that’s literally a pickaxe), and a glider. My God, they are lovely and Christmassy. Sgt. Winter We’re looking first at the main Battle Pass Christmas Character.

New Ranged Recon Set: Longshot and Insight

Longshot Fortnite Outfit Ranged Recon

This weekend sees the release of another new season 7 set, ‘Ranged Recon’ featuring a male and female pair of snipers, ‘Longshot’ and ‘Insight’.   Each has their own back bling, identical but for colours to match the outfits,  with sights and large calibre bullets under the captions ‘Target in sight’ and ‘Geared for long