Will Kurt Russell sue Fortnite for use of his image as Sgt. Winter?

Sgt. winter Plissken

With numerous reputable publications now stating that Sgt. Winter is in fact Snake Plissken, or Santa Plissken the question now turns to whether Kurt Russell will be taking any kind of legal action against Epic Games for the use of his image. We believe the evidence to be damning. Judge for yourselves….     UPDATE:

Zenith and Lynx season 7 progressive skins: tiers and xp

lynx fortnite outfit

Fortnite season 7 brings with it two new progressive skins: Zenith and Lynx. Each now have seven stages to progress through (info below) and it’s clear the Fortnite development team have seriously increased the detail and quality of the skins this season. Zenith is a mountain climber fella, while Lynx is a pink-haired, tattooed cat